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 Dr. Anne Little, Ph.D.

Dr. Anne Little has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, an MA in Counselling Psychology, and a BA in Education. She is a professional member of The Association of Holotropic Breathwork International. She has been studying and practicing Holotropic Breathwork tm since 1989, she trained with and was certified as a breathwork facilitator by Dr. Stanislav and Christina Grof in 1993. Anne leads Holotropic Breathwork tm retreats and workshops in both Canada and the United States as well as guiding individuals and couples through private breathwork sessions.

Anne is studying and writing about the effects of long-term engagement with non-ordinary states of consciousness for the purposes of healing--specifically about healing ancestral and collective issues; and also about some of the ways that an awakening of kundalini can impact consciousness. She is currently involved in writing three (unpublished) works: (Healing multigenerational family patterns using non-ordinary states of consciousness; The Serpent Way: A defacto approach to relationship in a braver and kinder world; and Divine Darkness: The sacred path of female empowerment) as well as several articles.

Anne has a private practice in Vancouver with a focus in transpersonal psychology. She has 25 years of experience in the field of counselling. For the last several years, Anne has been an avid student of shamanism, and also of Tantric Buddhism and of Hindu tantra. She uses her knowledge of these areas in addition to her psychological background in her work with others. Anne specializes in helping individuals who are experiencing spiritual emergency and spiritual emergence issues, especially shamanic crisis, kundalini energies and psychic opening. She has also been a student of Western astrology since 1994 (studied with renowned writer and scholar Richard Tarnas who has linked astrological archetypes to Grof's map of consciousness). Anne's knowledge of Archetypal Astrology enables her to offer clients a holistic, transpersonal perspective of their psychospiritual issues and of their inner work using non-ordinary states. Anne also studied Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology with Rose Marcus, author of ‘Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology: A Diverse Collection Of Essays By Prominent Astrologers’.

As part of her academic training, Anne completed a one-year clinical masters internship counselling those with a history of physical, emotional & sexual abuse.  She also completed a three-year clinical doctoral internship working with individuals and couples & specializing in Object Relations (Attachment) Theory.  Anne also completed many years of clinical supervision regarding facilitation of Holotropic Breathwork with Kylea Taylor, author of 'The Ethics of Caring' and 'The Breathwork Experience'.

She completed a one-year shamanic apprenticeship (including training in the Motherpeace Tarot Deck) with anthropologist / ethnographer, Vicki Noble, author of 'Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World: The New Female Shamanism', 'Motherpeace', and 'The Double Goddess: Women Sharing Power'.  Anne also studied with and completed a three-year shamanic apprenticeship with shaman Leslene Della Madre, author of 'Midwifing Death: Returning to the Arms of the Ancient Mother'.

Her compassion, woven with in-depth experience gleaned from her own spiritual journey, as well as a sincere desire to be of service to others, infuse her ability to assist those in need of support and guidance through life's challenges and transition periods. Because of the intensity of her own inner process, Anne is able to effectively support journeyers through any kind of process that they may encounter.

 Anne's Story

Anne did more than decade of regular (i.e. once per month, or more) deep healing work using Non Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC) over a period of 12 years. That initial work with NOSC focused on healing her childhood (family-of-origin) issues, and then on healing her pre- and peri-natal (birth) issues. About four years after she began healing herself using Holotropic BreathworkTM and other shamanic techniques that utilize NOSC, Anne’s inner process then opened into profound insight and understanding about (and thus beginning the healing of) the wounding experienced in her multigenerational family members (i.e. by her ancestors), going back many generations. 

A decade after beginning her intense healing work using NOSC, Anne then experienced an intense awakening of kundalini (a Spiritual Emergency) which opened her further into healing collective and historical issues; and then ultimately connecting with the shamanic lineage of her own ancestors, with Source, and with what Christopher Bache referred to as ‘Sacred Mind’. While Anne’s process of spiritual emergence has unfolded over the past 25 years, the intense Dark Night of the Soul and tour through the shamanic Underworld of her Spiritual Emergency took the form of a classic shamanic dissolution and initiation. The Spiritual Emergency portion of this journey was a profound and transformative adventure of self-discovery that continued for 12 arduous years, yet completely transformed Anne’s own life, her relationship with her parents & all the members of her family, and also Anne’s connection to spirituality, with the Earth, with Source, and with everything (culminating in unitive or Unity Consciousness).

Anne now specializes in helping women and men empower and liberate themselves by supporting them to let go of their childhood (family-of-origin), pre- and peri-natal (birth), ancestral & multigenerational, social, historical & cultural conditioning; and by assisting people to “re-collect” the shamanic wisdom that lives in the cellular memories of each one of us (this because Shamanism was once a universal and worldwide spiritual tradition). While Anne deeply honors and respects the shamanic spiritual traditions of First Nation peoples and Native Americans, her work is to help people to reconnect with the shamanic lineages of their own cultures and with the shamanic traditions of their own ancestors


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